“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings ―

Introducing my newest children's book

What do you think happens when the doors to the animal shelter close for the evening? This is a hilarious tale of shelter pets that refuse to be kept in their cages at night. How do they manage to get out? How do they keep from getting caught? Join the cats, dogs and other animals in night of frolic and fun!
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Gummy and The Ferret
A children's book
This a book that your children will ask you to read over and over again!  Written to introduce to young children the serious subject of pet adoption
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"Gummy and The Ferret: A Shelter Dog and Her Friend by Barbara J. Morgan is an adorable story that conveys the message of being kinder to animals. Gummy lives in a nice house with two kind people who take good care of her. She leads a nice life till her family finds out that they are going to have twins. Since they do not have enough room for her, they leave her at the animal shelter. Though there are other animals there, Gummy misses her family. Slowly she adjusts to the new surrounding and makes great friends with Finian the ferret at the animal shelter. This heartwarming story of the friendship between Gummy and Finian will reach out to readers and also teach them to love animals and take care of them."
- Readers' Favorite 5 stars
The latest addition to the family:
Tesla, found tied to a pole with an electrical cord.
Jack, rescued from a shelter and Libby rescued from a private home.
Barnes & Noble book signing.
This wonderful little man was so excited to get his book. Happy reading young man!
Signing books
Fetch Pet Store
in the
Lehigh Valley Mall

Book signing at the south mall 12/12/15

Booksigning with Author Plum McCauley at the Walnutport Canal Festival October 18, 2015

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